Next Benefits partners with Maple to bring Telemedicine services to small business benefits.

Next Benefits is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Maple – Canada’s leading Telemedicine platform – which will be offered as a premium add-on to all new and existing employee benefit customers.

Sick days, time traveling to the doctor’s office and endless hours spent in waiting rooms all increase absenteeism and impact a businesses’ bottom line. Maple provides instant access to Canadian doctors 24/7 via text, video or phone through any mobile device or computer — so employees can skip the wait and get the help they need in minutes.

The service is available to all Canadians on a per use or subscription basis, but is particularly effective when purchased by an employer to be used by employees. Over 65% of the visits on its platform prevent a workplace absence. This provides a meaningful boost in productivity for subscribed employers.

As a customer of the Maple platform and an admirer of their vision and execution, I am confident Maple will delight our customers looking for a premium digital service to boost their benefits offering.

Matt Lederman, President of Next Benefits

Maple has recently announced a major round of funding that will allow them to expand their platform and continue their impressive pace of customer growth. Next Benefits customers who are interested in adding this to their benefit package should reach out to their advisor for a quote.

*Note: This is an additional service and cost, it will not be covered by the insurance company.

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